VMware’s Recertification 2019 – Get Ready with Exam-Labs

VMware’s Recertification 2019 – Get Ready with Exam-Labs

VMware is a leading software virtualization organization founded in 1998 that provides cloud computing services. Basically, they provide cloud infrastructure and the company is mostly owned by Dell Tech although its services are widely used in IT. Visualization software helps to streamline all operations of information technology and all forms of infrastructures even mobile phones. The organization also offers compact services such as training, tech support and a very popular certification program.

The VMware certifications are widely prestigious and significant in the IT industry due to the company’s dominance in virtualization technology particularly for individuals involved in information centers operations and virtual technology landscapes. The main popular certification is vSphere and it is very adaptive to improvements and upgrades as the technology itself evolves which is also another aspect that makes the certifications relevant.

For instance, the current focus for VMware is to turn attention to the Version 7 at the same time however lagging back to the older version 6 to promote gradual shift and allow stragglers an opportunity to catch up.


VMware Certification Categories

  • Cloud Management, Automation
  • Data-Centre Virtualization
  • Desktop & Mobility
  • Network Virtualization
  • Digital Business Transformation
  • Digital Workspace

The categories each have escalating levels of certification which are: Associate, Professional, Advanced Professional, and Design Expert respectively. The lower certification levels are usually cursory with fewer or in most cases just a single exam before one gets certified. Training courses are also available for the advanced levels coupled with relevant exam while the higher levels mean a more involving process with stiffer pre-requisites and a more stern qualification evaluation by experts.

Once the certification has been attained, holders of professional or higher levels are traditionally mandated to recertify themselves to retain the certification’s validity and value. These recertification programs and requirements are critical in addressing competence, customization, and flexibility of all stakeholders. It also addresses particular or specific requirements by horning in individual skills and perhaps highlighting their gaps which promotes professional growth and new-technology adaptation. The 2019 recertification mandates have however been nullified and will only be tailor-made for individuals or organizations that feel the need for it.

The goal of VMware certification programs is simply to allow individuals to validate their expertise and industrial relevance through well-crafted policies. Anyone meeting the requirements for certification as from 16th of January 2019 will earn the certification, similarly for any other subsequent years. Each certification has its own set of prerequisite exam which will kick off as soon as the certification program commences.

The certification exams come with a choice i.e. one can opt to either sit for vSphere 6.5 or choose vSphere 6.7 instead, all depending on preference, however, to retain a modern and current performance, exams will be periodically replaced with newer versions approximately four months after the new version kicks in. Upgrade channels are also available for stakeholders with earlier versions of any certification of their interest.

The 2019 recertification policy for VMware is definitely a welcome relief to all stakeholders. As from February 5, 2019, none of the VMware certifications comes with a mandatory recertification requirement which means that any certificated individuals will do as per their own volition to stay current and maintain an advantage in their respective occupations.

2019 VMware Upcoming Exam Retirement Dates 

A number of exams are being retired to pave way for more recent versions, the current certifications will be retired and replaced on the 30th of August 2019. Sufficient time is however still available for the preparation and refinement of knowledge before attempting to sit for the old version exams. The vSphere 6 certification, for instance, will be replaced by the vSphere 6.7 under a different exam number. To mention just a few, in August the following exams are going to be retired: 2V0-620, 2V0-602, 2V0-621, 2V0-622, 2V0-622D. These are the most popular ones among candidates.

Almost all the VCP version 6 certifications are following suit on 30th of August 2019 and ushering in a new generation of VCP 2019 certifications.The VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization Deployment, Cloud Management and Data Center Virtualization are also not being spared with new VCAP-DCV certifications expected to kick in as from August 30. Thus, the VCP 6 Data Center Virtualization as well as the VCP 6.5 Data Center Virtualization will be replaced by the VCP-DCV 2019 credential, the VCP 6 Desktop and Mobility, VCP7- Desktop and Mobility, VCP- Desktop and Mobility 2018- by the VCP-DTM 2019 credential, VCAP 6- Cloud Management and Automation Deployment – by VCAP-CMA Deploy 2018. If you haven’t found the credential you are going to earn, check the Vmware’s official website to know whether the changes affect the certification you are going to earn and the exam you are sitting for.

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