International Youth Alliance on Family Planning (IYAFP) is hiring a USA-based Co-Director of Operations

International Youth Alliance on Family Planning (IYAFP) is hiring a USA-based Co-Director of Operations

Deadline: September 21, 2019

The International Youth Alliance on Family Planning (IYAFP) is recruiting for a USA-based Co-Director of Operations to join their Executive Team. This staff member will onboard and work alongside another their Co-Director of Operations until early December. This is a full-time, paid position.

Interviews will be held the week of September 23rd, with an expected onboarding trip to Washington, DC in early December.

The International Youth Alliance on Family Planning (IYAFP) was founded by young people and delegates at the International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP) in Addis Ababa in November 2013. Our mission is to empower young people to become global advocates with the skills, knowledge and resources needed to scale up youth friendly sexual and reproductive health initiatives and services. We wish to put permanent processes in place to ensure continued youth involvement in decision making related to SRHR interventions to ultimately empower girls, youth, and women economically, financially, and socially.

About the role

  • You would oversee IYAFP’s charitable and business operations and report to the Executive Director.
  • You are a self-starting and proactive manager of time and resources, highly conscientious, and equally comfortable with large picture conversations as you are with detail-orientedness.
  • You see something wrong? You take the first steps to fix it by involving relevant parties early but leading the charge to making sure things get done!
  • You like processes – conceptualizing, developing, and implementing them – getting feedback, and being an agent of change for an organization constantly looking to improve and grow.
  • You work well in diverse teams and can leverage people’s strengths to get things done!

Specific Tasks

In an effort to prepare for our current Director of Operations to age out, they are recruiting a “Co” to train and work alongside the current Director of Operations to eventually take over. This role involves:

  • Advising the Executive Director (ED) about financial, hiring, and organizational vision/strategic decisions. Working closely with the ED to implement decisions to maintain IYAFP’s organizational standing, financial sustainability, and rights-based approaches.
  • Collaborating with Executive Team members to execute projects, support meetings with donors and stakeholders to identify project opportunities and requirements and ensure they align with strategic goals.
  • Leading day-to-day operations of IYAFP, including assisting with topics related to finance, budgeting, contract negotiation, legal, audit and compliance. Liaise with the Director of Sustainability and Fundraising to implement preventive measures and processes for IYAFP operations.
  • Working with the Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer, and Director of Sustainability and Fundraising to ensure that IYAFP complies with registration, tax, and 501(c)(3) policies. Communicate with funding stakeholders and regulatory agencies to assure that IYAFP remains in full compliance with rules and regulations and coordinate and cooperate with external accounting and auditing firms for annual audits and completion of the form 990.
  • Overseeing and ensuring that IYAFP’s project portfolio aligns with strategic decisions and contributes to grant development and responses to RFAs/RFPs.
  • Working closely with the Director of Country Coordinators and Director of Projects to ensure on-the-ground activities and projects are implemented in accordance with organizational policies, and are appropriately documented.
  • Ensuring that project managers and youth staff are adequately supported and educated about the internal processes through which they should be conducting project activities
  • Overseeing and managing Project Managers and their contracts.
  • Monitoring internal processes, and identifying and employing the most efficient methods of running IYAFP.
  • Managing budgeting processes and ensuring auditing and accounting policies are followed. Where there are gaps in organization policies, playing a key role in supporting the conceptualization and development of policies.
  • Ensuring that organizational policies are updated and maintained to ensure both sound, transparent fiscal practices and compliance with auditing standards and IRS form 990.
  • Overseeing quarterly assessments of organization’s financial performance against budget, financial and operational goals.
  • Supporting reconciliation of monthly activity for grants and assist in generating annual reports.
  • Overseeing contract payments for youth consultants and oversee disciplinary procedures and helping with conflict management or misbehavior investigations.
  • Serving as one of several primary liaisons to legal counsel in addressing legal issues and oversee organizational insurance policies alongside the Executive Director.
  • Spearheading strategy discussions and implementation by tracking progress virtually.


This position will require you to be available full-time until May 2020 with possibility for renewal. Remuneration is competitive and based on your experience, your education, and where you live.



  • Undergraduate/college degree required; Master’s degree preferred in business administration, global health, or a closely related field
  • At least 2 years of experience leading and managing a team
  • Strong communication and writing skills
  • Demonstrated experience working with nonprofits/community/start up initiatives
  • Demonstrated experience working with youth and family planning in international settings, including the facilitation of trainings and/or activities with youth
  • Experience in managing personnel, budget development and oversight
  • Excellent computer skills with proficiency in Microsoft Office applications and Quickbooks or comparable accounting software.
  • Experience leading or working on proposals and developing community development projects
  • A portfolio of work in family planning/gender justice/SRHR/international development issues that includes project design and management
  • Demonstrated experience designing and implementing project implementation and monitoring programming
  • Knowledge of tax and other compliance implications of non-profit status; if not, willingness to learn
  • Positive and professional attitude, able to organize, maintain composure and prioritize work under pressure, and be able to coordinate multiple tasks and maintain attention to detail
  • Legal work authorization in the USA


They are looking for someone:

  • with a “can-do” attitude and willing to wear many hats
  • who genuinely cares about youth empowerment and improved SRHR for all
  • who is kind and friendly – you will need to get along with many people!
  • with excellent interpersonal skills and a positive team spirit; ability to work effectively in a team setting with people of diverse backgrounds
  • who has strong public speaking skills
  • who is not afraid to take the lead
  • with the ability to use initiative and independent judgment, identify and resolve problems, and exercise strong collaboration skills to develop effective solutions
  • with excellent computer, tech, and office skills
  • with high comfort level with tele-working with individuals from diverse backgrounds
  • with the ability to challenge and debate issues of importance to the organization
  • with able to organize, maintain composure and prioritize work under pressure and be able to coordinate multiple tasks and maintain attention to detail
  • who demonstrates work initiative and is able to finish tasks with little supervision
  • with the ability to use initiative and independent judgment, identify and resolve problems, and exercise strong collaboration skills to develop effective solutions


Write a response for 2 of the 3 following questions, save your answers as a PDF file, and submit them with our exclusive application form.

  1. There are many risks associated with IYAFP’s work. Can you list a few chief risks, and write on how you would think about, approach and operationalize risk management for the organization? [max 250 words]
  2. You disagree with the ED on an important grant decision. She thinks you should apply for a certain grant, and you strongly believe you shouldn’t How would you resolve? [max 250 words]
  3. As Director of Operations, your job is to oversee grants through Project Managers. One day you are told that one of the in-country staff for a project sub-contracted out their work without permission or approval from IYAFP – a case that would be recognized as an adverse event. What would be the next steps? How would you show up as a leader in this process? [max 250 words]


September 21, Saturday midnight: Application closes
September 24-27: Interviews

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