British Council ELTons Innovation Awards 2020 for Innovation in English Language Teaching

British Council ELTons Innovation Awards 2020 for Innovation in English Language Teaching

Deadline: November 8, 2019

Have you produced an English language teaching or learning product, publication, or service that is both functional and innovative in the last two years? The British Council is looking for the latest and most innovative resources to learn and teach English, across the full breadth of media (non-digital or digital) and from a wide variety of contexts worldwide.

If you’re an educator in a low-resource context, a member of an international team or organisation – large or small – or an author or entrepreneur flying solo, they want to hear from you. If you’ve been involved in the creation of new resources in support of high quality English language education in the last two years, make your submission to the ELTons Innovation Awards 2020.


  • Excellence in course innovation: Courses using a fresh variety of content, formats or media, to help learners achieve stretching levels of English language proficiency.
  • Innovation in teacher resources: Resources supporting English language teaching professionals, whether through teacher training, education, or continuing professional development.
  • Innovation in learner resources: Services, activities, materials or works using innovative means to improve English language learners’ proficiency in vocabulary, grammar, fluency, receptive and productive skills, or vital language skills for study, life and/or work.
  • Digital innovation: Use of digital technology or media – cutting edge technologies, or original use of existing technology – to benefit high-quality English language learning.
  • Local innovation (in partnership with Cambridge Assessment English): Resources or projects innovating to meet specific, local needs, within local, national or regional contexts around the world.


The British Council is committed to making sure the ELTons Innovation Awards are inclusive and reflect the broad diversity of English language education around the world.

They welcome and encourage applications from all backgrounds, including from:

  • Those who speak English as a second or other language.
  • Diverse nationalities and ethnicities.
  • Low-resource as well as better resourced contexts.
  • Across the regional/rural and urban divide.
  • Disabled applicants, as well as those developing resources for disabled learners and teachers.
  • They also wish to see good gender balance among applicants.


Please submit your application form electronically to [email protected] by November 8, 2019.

To complete your application you must send one copy of your product to the address below and/or send a digital copy to [email protected] for product samples submitted digitally. They must receive your product samples on or before November 11, 2019. Any products that arrive after this date will be liable to disqualification.

Nasia Nikolova
ELTons 2020
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British Council
58 Whitworth Street
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For more information, see FAQ or visit British Council.