Thomson Reuters Foundation Reporting Workshop on Illicit Financing in Africa 2019 (Funded)

Thomson Reuters Foundation Reporting Workshop on Illicit Financing in Africa 2019 (Funded)

Deadline: November 6, 2019

Applications for the Thomson Reuters Foundation Reporting Workshop on Illicit Financing in Africa 2019 are now open. The Thomson Reuters Foundation seeks journalists based anywhere in Africa who are motivated to understand how their country may be losing money through illicit means.

The Wealth of Nations program is a long-term commitment and participating journalists must commit to all elements of the program by signing an agreement to that effect. These elements include:

  • Intensive training in illicit financing reporting
    • The first workshop will take place from Monday, December 2, to Friday, December 6, 2019, in Maputo.
    • Selected participants will be invited to a follow-up workshop in early 2020.
  • The production of reports or investigations into illicit financial flows
  • A mentoring and support program that will help produce these stories

Journalists will only be considered to have completed the program when they have completed all the elements, which also include, for those who are selected, the production of at least one report or investigation into illicit financial flows, and as such, will only receive their certificates there.


  • Successful applicants will receive a grant that will cover expenses for air travel (tourist class), accommodation, local travel and meals. Please note that each applicant should check their visa requirements and ensure that they have the necessary documentation. The cost of the visa and other associated costs will be the responsibility of the participant.
  • If selected for the mentoring program, the maximum grant they can award for the reporting is $1,000. Please note that the grants awarded vary depending on the expected resources required to write the report. Proposed costs without a detailed justification will not be considered.


  • Open to journalists with a minimum of two years of professional experience.
  • It will be beneficial if you are familiar with investigative journalism and finance reporting and / or, more generally, have some experience in economic journalism, but if you have a strong motivation to know and understand these issues, they will consider your application.
  • Must be available to spend a significant amount of time working on reporting or investigating illicit financing.
  • Applications are open to independent journalists and board journalists. Journalists working for a news organization must obtain permission from their editor-in-chief to participate. Independent journalists must provide proof that one or more media outlets are willing to accept their work.
  • Journalists working in one or more media may also apply (print, digital, radio or television).
  • Journalists must be established in Africa and work for one or more media.
  • Candidate journalists must speak Portuguese fluently.


Have the following ready before you start your application:

  • Two examples of published articles
  • A letter from your editor-in-chief authorizing you to participate and confirming that you will publish any report produced through the program.

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