What Signs to Spot with a Good Recruitment Agency

What Signs to Spot with a Good Recruitment Agency

If you’re looking for recruitment agencies to work with, you’ve probably noticed the recruitment industry is incredibly competitive. Plus, the difference between working with a good recruitment agency and a bad one can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

So, to help you narrow down your focus and potentially save you some time and money. Here are some signs to look out for that a recruitment agency is one of the good ones:

They use tech to streamline their services

The mark of a good recruitment agency is their willingness and understanding to use software and tech to streamline their processes. For example, using software tools like ETZ Payments timesheet software means they can pay their workers quicker, and pass on savings to their clients.

They have plenty of positive reviews over a long period

Reading positive reviews from satisfied clients is one of the strongest signs that a recruitment agency is backing up what they’re claiming. People are more likely to leave a bad review than a good one, so even no reviews is a good sign. But good, or even better, excellent reviews is the number one sign to look out for.

The longer the timeline the better too. This shows that no changes in management or recent social proof campaigns have distorted their reviews. It’s a sign that the company has established good core values.

They assign dedicated consultants to work with you

Recruitment is a personal experience, and it’s an industry that’s strengthened with relationships with face-to-face interactions. Any reputable agency will understand the importance of assigning a dedicated consultant to work with each client.

The consultant you’re working with should make themselves available and demonstrate they are learning about you and your business.

They demonstrate they understand your industry

It’s crucial that any agency you work with has a deep understanding of your industry. They can be forgiven for not a deep understanding from the moment they meet you, but there are no excuses for not learning about your industry to better serve you.

The better a recruitment agency understands your industry, the better placed they are to find you the perfect roles and candidates.

They’re transparent and honest

There’s a lot of secrecy in the recruitment industry. Recruitment companies like to keep their clients, contacts, and tactics close to their chests. And rightly so, it’s a competitive industry and they make most of their money from commissions connecting jobseekers with roles.

But there’s no reason for an agency to be dishonest with you or hold things back once they’re working with you. If you have any proof they’re doing so, or if you have a gut feeling they’re holding back, it might be best to cut ties.

The best recruitment agencies are very transparent. They treat clients as partners and work with them, not just for their own best interests.

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