University of Sydney 2020 Graduate Workshop on China in the Urban Age (Funding available)

University of Sydney 2020 Graduate Workshop on China in the Urban Age (Funding available)

Deadline: February 28, 2020

Applications are open for the University of Sydney 2020 Graduate Workshop on China in the Urban Age. The University of Sydney China Studies Centre is organising the second graduate workshop under their multidisciplinary research agenda China in the Urban Age. The workshop theme is Health, Food and Waste in the Chinese City: practical, utopian and systemic solutions, seeking to include contributions from any branch of the sciences, humanities and social sciences.

The urban age in China has been an age of waste and excess. Waste happens at the point of production and consumption, from sometimes honest efforts that do not consider the unexpected consequences, but also from the dominance of short-term solutions aimed at maximising profit. More is often seen as better – more value, more efficiency, more popularity. But when is it excess? Such values as waste, profit, excess, surplus, all warrant reconsideration, in turn reframing concepts of technology, development and progress. These questions are of historical and contemporary relevance to societies everywhere, so what can China learn from other contexts, and what can they learn from China?

The Graduate Workshop will be held at the University of Sydney Centre in China (Suzhou, China) from August 3-9, 2020. It will include lectures and seminars with leading experts and a series of discussion fora that will try to expand the conversation through knowledge sharing around these important challenges.

Fees and Scholarship

  • There is no enrollment fee for the graduate workshop. Participants will receive free accommodation. A number of scholarships will be available to help cover the cost of transport to Suzhou, relative to country of residence.


  • Open to current graduate research students and early-career researchers (up to five years post-PhD) who have a broad interest in questions of health, food and waste, sustainability and technology, and whose research relates to China.
  • Organizers firmly believe in a multidisciplinary approach to these issues, and therefore encourage applications from all fields, including the material and environmental sciences. politics, history, the arts and cultural studies, architecture, literature and the critical combination of such fields (e.g. environmental humanities).


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