ICGEB-DIC-MOST International Fellowship Program 2020 for Researchers (Funding available)

ICGEB-DIC-MOST International Fellowship Program 2020 for Researchers (Funding available)

Deadline: April 15, 2020

Applications are open for the ICGEB-DIC-MOST International Fellowship Program 2020. The Program supports the mobility of researchers to prestigious Chinese laboratories for a period of 6 or 12 months, to benefit from the expertise and technologies available in the receiving laboratories.

The IFP is aimed at promoting the training of scientists and researchers in developing countries and emerging economies, particularly in Asia, Africa and countries involved in the Belt and Road initiatives. The Program supports short-term fellowships of scientists from eligible ICGEB Member States to prestigious Chinese laboratories as a way of enhancing skill development, acquiring specific hands-on training in technologies available in the receiving laboratory and increasing bilateral cooperation in science and technology between China and the relevant ICGEB Member State.


  • The fellowships cover the stipends of the fellows and are awarded in the context of the Chinese “Talented Young Scientist Program”. The funding standard is fixed at a monthly stipend of 12,500 RMB Yuan (approximately 2,000 USD/month before tax) to cover the cost of housing and living expenses.
  • The fellowship stipend will be paid through bank transfer directly to the bank account of the Partnering Institute where the fellow works. Travel costs are not covered by the fellowship. Travel expenses shall be borne by the fellow or by the Partnering Institute, to be agreed.
  • The Partnering Institute in China will provide health insurance, adequate laboratory space and set up, as well as laboratory consumables and assist the fellows with visa/permit of stay procedures and any necessary administrative issue. Partnering Institutes will also provide support to the fellows for accommodation and logistics.


  • As per the rules of the “Young Talented Scientist Program” funded by the Chinese MOST, the Call is open exclusively to nationals of the following countries:
    • Europe: Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia
    • Africa: Algeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Sudan, Nigeria, South Africa, United Republic of Tanzania
    • Asia: Bangladesh, India, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Viet Nam
    • Middle East: Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey
    • Central America & Caribbean: Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Panama
    • South America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela
  • Applicants should have received a Ph.D. degree; in case of equal scientific merit, preference is given to applicants with postdoctoral experience.
  • Applicants wish to spend 6 or 12 months at a partnering research institute in China.
  • No age limit applies. However, in case of equal scientific merit, preference is given to younger and/or female scientists.


As a first step, applicants should contact the Principal Investigators (PI) in the Partnering Institute of their choice to define together the research project proposal that will be submitted for evaluation. Applications should outline the impact for the fellow’s career, the benefit to the home laboratory and the suitability of the receiving laboratory. Proposed projects should show clear evidence of strong collaborative potential between the originating laboratory and the Chinese laboratory of destination.

The Partnering Institute shall provide the applicant with a “work consent” letter to state its willingness and capacity to host the fellow (both in terms of available laboratory space and administrative/logistics/insurance obligations undertaken). The “work consent” declaration should be submitted by the applicant as part of her/his application documents.

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For more information, visit ICGEB-DIC-MOST Fellowship.