Kirchner Food Fellowship Program 2020 for Undergraduate or Graduate Students in North America

Kirchner Food Fellowship Program 2020 for Undergraduate or Graduate Students in North America

Deadline: April 30, 2020

Applications are open for the Kirchner Food Fellowship Program 2020. The purpose of the Kirchner Food Fellowship program is to foster the development of individuals who have the practical skills and knowledge to make effective investments in emerging agricultural technologies that have the possibility of addressing global food security.

The principal part of the Kirchner Food Fellowship will be undertaken over an academic year but Fellows will be expected to have a continuing commitment and interest in the investment portfolio, to their cohort of Fellows and to subsequent cohorts of Fellows.


  • The fellowship awards a stipend to each selected fellow.


  • Candidates must be enrolled in university in the United States, Canada or Mexico.
  • They must be self-motivated, hard-working and possess a passion for investing in promising early-stage, for-profit, socially-responsible agricultural companies that will ultimately bring closer the day when everyone on the planet has reliable access to healthy food.

Selection Process

Fellows will be selected using the following process:

  • A Fellowship may be held by a current undergraduate or graduate student currently enrolled at any university in North America
  • Ideal candidates will exhibit personal initiative, integrity, drive, and team-player potential, as well as strong academic credentials and an entrepreneurial spirit. They will be expected to articulate these characteristics in the application process
  • The application process will comprise assessment in the following ways
    • Completion of an application form
    • Submission of university transcripts
    • Telephone interviews with members of the Selection Committee
  • Qualifications of the candidates for the Fellowship and the strength of the application will be reviewed by a Selection Committee established for the process.


Applicants are to apply based on the country where they are studying:

For more information, visit Kirchner Food Fellowship.