UAE Government Posts Scholarship Opportunities for International Applicants

UAE Government Posts Scholarship Opportunities for International Applicants

Going abroad on a scholarship to study at an overseas institution is nothing new. In fact, one Peter Davos, as detailed here, has been helping students in the United Arab Emirates land scholarships in the United States of America. Now, the government of the UAE is offering an extensive range of scholarships to be taken by people from all around the world to study both outside of the seven emirates and in the nation’s prestigious universities.

So, here’s a breakdown of what you need to know about the range of scholarships on offer through the UAE government, and what to expect should you take up one of the offers to study in the nation itself.

UAE offering scholarships across the board and the world

Through the We Make Scholars program, the United Arab Emirates government has posted hundreds of scholarship opportunities. These scholarships span a vast range of qualifications, subjects, applications, and locations. The scholarships also range from the government partially funding the plan to fully funding the program.

There are several scholarships funded by the UAE government that are set elsewhere in the world. Some examples include funding of the International Studentship Scheme at the University of Hull, the Banting International Postdoctoral Fellowships, and the Houtan Scholarship. Some are tied to set institutes, while others can be accepted and fulfilled elsewhere in the world.

For anyone wanting to accept a scholarship in the UAE, national and international students alike, the government also has set-up several domestic plans for funding. Through their scholarships website, the details show that international applicants can get full funding for the Graduate Research / Teaching Assistant (GRTA) Scholarship at Khalifa University, and all nationals can apply for the Chancellor’s Scholars Awards in UAE at the American University of Sharjah.

The potential student living in the UAE

Should you find a scholarship hosted by one of the UAE’s universities through the government, your next step will, inevitably, be seeing if you want to move the country for the duration of your study. As we all know, student life is often about making the most of a small amount of money in between education and work. While the UAE, particularly cities like Dubai, has a global persona of being lavish, a life there can actually be quite affordable.

Dubai is filled with so many sights and experiences that many international students choose to take up residence in the city. To couple the world-record wonders, there are plenty of affordable renting options, too. You can find more information about renting a studio apartment in Dubai, but the yearly rate for such accommodation can be found at as low as AED 18,000, roughly US$4,900. Other more enviable studios, such as those in the Jumeirah Beach Residence, can be found for almost AED 50,000 – around US$13,600 per year.

Of course, living expenses are just one factor of living anywhere. As stated, places like Dubai give off a vibe of eccentricity that’s often associated with hefty expenses and rich people. But the city and the country have more than enough cost-effective activities to enjoy. Across the UAE, you can find gems like Zabeel Park in Dubai, the Hatta Pools, Al Mamzar Park, the Saruq Al Hadid Museum, and the Sharjah Arts Museum – to name a few – to enrich your stay on a budget.

What better reason is there to live in and experience the iconic nation of the UAE than for a government-backed scholarship?

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