Shecluded ‘One Woman One Laptop’ Initiative 2020 for women-led businesses in Nigeria affected by COVID-19

Shecluded ‘One Woman One Laptop’ Initiative 2020 for women-led businesses in Nigeria affected by COVID-19

Deadline: June 30, 2020

Applications are open for Shecluded ‘One Woman One Laptop’ Initiative 2020. As part of the ‘Shecluded COVID-19 Rebuild Initiative’ targeted at supporting the recovery plans of small businesses, Shecluded has opened applications for  its ‘One Woman, One Laptop’ Project.


Shecluded is a financial inclusion company that is focused on providing women with access to credit, financial education and advisory in order to help them achieve sustainable growth in their career and business.

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the increased need for work skills and digital learning – factors which might affect the income prospect of more women if they do not have adequate tools for work- such as a laptop. Inadequate tools lead to reduced productivity and declining financial performance.

During the Covid 19 pandemic, Shecluded worked with different partners to upskill over 600 women on voice over artistry, graphic design and development of online courses. In the process, a survey was carried out to find out the percentage of women who owned laptops, the result showed that approximately 65% of women who took the survey did not own a functional laptop and would often depend on their mobile phones for tasks that could be done better on a laptop.

“At Shecluded, we’re constantly targeting growth initiatives that expand capacity for more women and in this period, technology skills and tools are top on our list.” said Ifeoma Uddoh, the CEO.

A laptop is a key tool for work and enabling women to get one is a development that fits into Shecluded’s objectives. With a laptop women can work faster, sufficiently and comfortably from home with various productive tools and available online resources.


  • Qualified applicants will get access to a maximum of N200,000 on the laptop loan.
  • Through the One woman, One laptop initiative, women who would want to own a personal computer and pay back monthly will get the chance to and can benefit from Shecluded’s virtual classes on how to use a computer.


  • Open to women-led businesses in Nigeria affected by the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Businesses or individuals must be registered on the Shecluded platform
  • Must own a business, enterprise or job that generates about N150k monthly
  • The business must be in operations


Click here to apply.

For more information, visit Shecluded.