ASEF Virtual360 Konnect Emerging Arts Leaders Residency Series 2020

ASEF Virtual360 Konnect Emerging Arts Leaders Residency Series 2020

Deadline: September 5, 2020

Applications are open for the ASEF Virtual360 Konnect Emerging Arts Leaders Residency Series 2020. Virtual360 Konnect is a virtual residency and capacity building programme to promote cultural exchange in time of physical distancing and restricted mobility.

ASEF through its arts website with the support of KONNECT ASEAN, an ASEAN Foundation arts and cultural programme funded by the Republic of Korea, are inviting proposals for a new virtual residency series and online capacity building to support cultural exchange amongst emerging artists and cultural practitioners across all arts disciplines from the ASEAN region and the Republic of Korea. Each residency will pair 2 participants (one ASEAN national and one Republic of Korea national) who will collaborate online for a period of one month. The result will be one jointly written article and one podcast or video interview published on

Residency Format

  • Each pair will collaborate online over a period of one month;
  • The theme of the collaboration is international cultural cooperation and cultural exchange in the COVID-19 era;
  • Within this broad theme, each pair is free to focus on one or more arts disciplines e.g. visual arts, performing arts, music, film, interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral, etc.;
  • Each pair will define and propose the topic of their residency;
  • Each pair will write a joint article that will be published on (maximum 2,000 words);
  • Each pair will take part in a podcast or video interview about the collaborative process.

Each participant will be disbursed a fee of USD 500 to take part in the residency.


  • Open to a national of an ASEAN Member State or of the Republic of Korea.
  • Arts professional with 2 to 5 years’ experience in the arts sector.
  • Excellent written and fluent spoken English (all communication and writing will be in English).
  • Preferably with some experience in writing journalistic style articles.
  • They invite proposals submitted as a pair or as an individual. They will prioritise proposals from pairs including one national from ASEAN and one from Korea.


  • Take part in the residency and work with another cultural professional to write a joint article.
  • Submit weekly updates about the progress of the project through video clips and/or social media posts via the KONNECT ASEAN Facebook group page and culture360 Instagram page.
  • Prepare a joint article that will be published on
  • Take part in a podcast or video interview to document the process of the residency.


Note that file uploads must not exceed 25MB per application form. Announcement of selected participants will be on September 21, 2020.

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