Apply: Thomson Reuters Foundation COVID-19 Crisis Reporting Center – Latin America 2021

Apply: Thomson Reuters Foundation COVID-19 Crisis Reporting Center – Latin America 2021

Deadline: January 10, 2021

Applications are open for journalists to join the Thomson Reuters Foundation COVID-19 Crisis Reporting Center – Latin America 2021. The Hub (Reporting Center) on the COVID-19 Crisis created by the Thomson Reuters Foundation offers a space for journalists from different countries to meet virtually to receive training, acquire knowledge and build networks of contacts, thus ensuring that they and your newsrooms make quality coverage of the news of the year.

Under the remote modality and for eight weeks, Latin American journalists will be able to access the Center, which has the most current online platforms and online tools to connect participants in real-time seminars dictated by world-class experts and journalists. Journalists who participate in the activities will acquire relevant knowledge and tools to handle different contexts and develop new digital skills, along with the possibility of accessing influential experts and authorities to get exclusive information and ideas for possible reports on COVID-19.

Participants will meet once a week for a total of four hours, including two live virtual sessions of 90 minutes and one hour of offline study to work on tasks determined by the Foundation team. The real-time virtual sessions will be led by trainers and/or guest speakers to ask questions, share ideas, learn new knowledge and put it into practice. The live sessions will be complemented with extra material. Post-session discussions and comments in a dedicated forum will extend the learning process.


  • After successful completion of the program, a small number of journalists will be selected to participate in a mentoring program, which will include a monetary outlay to develop an article that must be published by the medium for which the journalist works.


  • Applicants must be Latin American citizens and live in the region. 
  • They must work full time or be frequent contributors to Spanish or Portuguese language media.
  • They must have at least three years of professional experience and have a correct level of spoken and written Spanish.
  • In addition, a minimum internet speed of 1 MB per second is required.


Complete the application form, including:

  • Two work samples in Spanish (maximum file size 5 MB). TV or radio journalists can send the script of their work accompanied by a brief summary.
  • A biography of up to 250 words that tells the main milestones of your career as a journalist.
  • A text of up to 250 words that describes the factors that have affected your work as a journalist during the pandemic.
  • A text of up to 250 words that describes your motivations for participating and how you hope to benefit from this program.
  • Complete this questionnaire beforehand, so that the Foundation can adjust the program taking into account the needs of journalists.

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