Burns Price Foundation Changemakers Initiative Grant Scheme 2021 for Young People in the UK

Burns Price Foundation Changemakers Initiative Grant Scheme 2021 for Young People in the UK

Deadline: Ongoing

Applications are open for the Burns Price Foundation Change-Makers Initiative Grant Scheme 2021. The Change Makers Initiative in Partnership with The Burns Price Foundation supports young people under the age of 19 from across the UK, with grants of £100 each to work on grass roots level ideas with art and science at the core of the social action project.

Your social action idea can be a student project that focuses on making STEAM more accessible across diverse communities.

For example

  • inviting scientists to talk to young people about their research;
  • partnering with companies offering digital work experience opportunities to young people;
  • creating an art show featuring engineers and their journey into their field;
  • organizing a science fair with your school;
  • starting an after school math club;
  • working on a science experiment.


You will receive:

  • Initial financial support to the amount of £ 100 per project
  • Higher level of funding (up to £5000) will also be available if the project scope is wider than the initial amount of funding
  • Mentoring support


  • You must be between the ages of 11 – 19 years old on the date of competition closing.
  • Be able to start the project by 3 months from the time of the award being given.

You must be able to commit to:

  • a series of online mentoring session(s).
  • submitting a report on activities undertaken.
  • As a role model for the Program speaking about your experience at potential events.


Do consider and think of the following questions to help you write your application:

  • Who does the project benefit? i.e, the local community where you live or a global digital community anyone can learn from and replicate.
  • Why is it important to you? (This is more about why is the project important? A bit of research on example – the lack of information on what a scientist does thus few students wanting to study science…what is going on right now, that the project should be developed?)
  • What is expected outreach/impact? how many lives will be changed?, inspired? how will the outcomes improve? etc…has it benefited more than one person, can it be seen as an example by young people across the world and modeled in their communities, can it encourage a lot of people to get involved?

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For more information, visit Changemakers Initiative Grant.