Apply to join the Youth STEM 2030 Summit Design Team

Apply to join the Youth STEM 2030 Summit Design Team

Deadline: July 14, 2021

Do you want to gain new skills, meet new people and use your free time to do something that will make the world a better place? Joining the Youth STEM Summit Design Team could be the perfect opportunity for you.

This is a time sensitive project, so they’re looking for young people who can commit approximately 4 hours per week to the Summit Design Team, from mid-July to late-October 2021. However, they can generally be flexible about when in the week you volunteer, so it can fit round your other commitments. The Youth STEM Summit will take place towards the end of September 2021, therefore the month of September will be particularly busy for the Design Team.


  • Receive a personalised reference from Youth STEM 2030 Founder & CEO.
  • Gain experience of planning an event, and develop skills such as: teamwork, organisation, event management, and effective communication.
  • Use your involvement as volunteering hours, or to count towards external awards (e.g. Duke of Edinburgh).
  • Get to be part of creating an awesome event!


  • All young people aged 13-24 can apply to join the Youth STEM Summit Design Team.
  • They are looking for young people with a range of skills to join the team, so no matter what your interests are, they would like to hear from you.
  • No previous experience of designing events is needed.


Applications are being accepted from 19:00 BST on 1st July 2021, until the extended deadline of 13:00 BST (GMT+1) on July 14, 2021.

In the application, you will be asked to provide some information about:

  • Yourself
  • Your education/training
  • The details of at least one person (up to 2 people) who can provide a reference.

You will also be asked to answer 3 questions, as follows:

  • About You: Tell them about your skills, knowledge and experience. They don’t just want to know what you’ve done. They want to know how you did it and how that shows to them that you can do this role. Answers should be a maximum of 1500 characters.
  • Why Us?: Tell them what has motivated you to apply to be part of the Youth STEM Summit Design Team. Answers should be a maximum of 1000 characters.
  • Why You?: This is your chance to tell them what you can bring to the Design Team – tell them about you as a person and how that will make you suited to being part of the Design Team. Answers should be a maximum of 1000 characters.

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For more information, visit Youth STEM 2030.