Volunteering and how it builds character

Volunteering and how it builds character

Volunteering can be a great way to enhance your CV and make you appealing to recruiters, over and above the personal growth and self-discovery it can lead to.

Overview of volunteering

Volunteering refers to dedicating your time and effort to an organisation, community or initiative without any expectation of compensation – financial or otherwise. There are different ways that you can go about volunteering, depending on the causes that are closest to your heart. Some of the most common organisations that are always welcoming volunteers are generally focused on the empowerment and protection of youth, children and women, with the aim of addressing various social ills that they face on a daily basis. There are multiple reasons why people sign up to be volunteers, be it for personal or professional reasons.

On a personal level, you could be seeking a sense of purpose or a form of healing from a past experience, or simply just be looking to make a positive impact in your community. On a professional level, some recruiters look at your voluntary work when you apply for a position, as it is viewed as an admirable thing. Additionally, volunteering is encouraged if you are on the job market and are still looking for a job because it proves that you are motivated by more than just money and it looks good on your curriculum vitae (CV) because it shows that you put your time to good use. Although, whilst volunteering and job hunting, it is not uncommon for people to explore other potential income streams, such as part-time employment, freelancing, consulting or even online trading. While the first few options have a lot to do with your education level, experience and expertise, online trading is an option for just about anyone. However, if you are looking to invest in USD and forex trading, it is advisable to do so through a reputable broker with a satisfactory track record.

In the process of exploring all the various options that are available to you, you might even discover a career path you never knew you were meant to pursue. This is because volunteering can provide you with new experiences, challenges, allow you to network and possibly help you discover some things about yourself that you were not aware of. Thus, it can be said that volunteering can be a very eye-opening experience as well.

What makes a great volunteer?

Although how well one fits into a role is mostly dependent on what the role entails, there are some traits and characteristics that are common amongst some of the most effective volunteers.

  • Enthusiasm

Regardless of which industry you are volunteering in, bringing enthusiasm and positive energy always goes a long way. This is particularly true in a situation where you are dealing with people, such as the elderly or volunteering at an orphanage. It is widely known that volunteering does have some unglamorous aspects, and it is important to keep the same energy even in those situations. 

  • Initiative

Great volunteers are often seen in the approach they take to their work, and often go beyond what is expected for the sake of ensuring that the role is fulfilled to the absolute best of their ability, despite the fact that they will not be paid for it. Initiative can also be an indication of a good leader, meaning that even in a voluntary role, a person with initiative will constantly be on the lookout for ways on how to improve the existing systems or approaches to the tasks at hand.

  • Dedication

Dedication is one trait that leads to success in any aspect of life. Dedication means that the rest of your team does not even need to question how committed you are because it will be evident in how you show up and complete the tasks assigned to you.

  • Reliability

This particular trait goes hand-in-hand with being trustworthy and dependable. Needless to say, great volunteers often show up on time, are present when needed, avail themselves where possible and understand that they have a role to play in the overall success of the organisation or initiative. Moreover, a reliable volunteer’s commitment is never questioned because it can be seen in how they play their part.

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