GRID-Arendal Grants for Investigative Journalism on Environmental Crime 2022

GRID-Arendal Grants for Investigative Journalism on Environmental Crime 2022

Deadline: November 30, 2021

Applications for the GRID-Arendal Grants for Investigative Journalism on Environmental Crime 2022 are now open. The journalism grant program funds in-depth investigative journalism that breaks new ground and reveals new information about environmental crimes that takes place within or across developing countries.

They are looking for high-impact reporting, especially on issues that are neglected by mainstream media. They invite proposals for projects on a variety of media platforms, including print, online, audio, video, and multimedia projects. Proposals for data journalism, data visualization, and open source intelligence (OSINT) journalism are welcome.

Thematic Areas

This year, themes they will be interested in funding include (but are not limited to):

  • Illegal wildlife trade and poaching;
  • Illegal logging and timber trade;
  • Illegal cobalt mining;
  • Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fisheries;
  • Plastic waste crimes;
  • Environmental crimes in the Arctic region.


  • Six grants will be offered, each representing 20,000 Norwegian krone (approximately €2,000).


  • You must be a professional journalist, either a staff member at a media organization or a freelancer with a record of publishing work in respected media organizations.
  • You must have experience in investigative journalism.
  • Journalists from anywhere in the world are welcome to apply. They encourage applications from candidates with diverse backgrounds.

Evaluation Criteria

Applications will be evaluated by a team of GRID-Arendal personnel. Among other factors, they will consider:

  • Potential to reach a wide audience
  • Potential to create an impact and induce positive change
  • Journalist’s experience in investigative reporting (they may ask for professional references in the final phase)


Applications are due in full by midnight Central European Time (CET) on November 30, 2021. Applications should include:

  • Completed application form. The application form can be found on the activity page for investigative journalism grants found here
  • Résumé / CV
  • Estimated project budget, explaining what grant money would pay for
  • (Optional) letter of commitment or a letter of interest from a media outlet.

Applications and supporting documents should be in English and budgets should be expressed in Norwegian krone. All materials should be combined into a single PDF and emailed to Romain Langeard via [email protected] using the subject “GRANT 2022_Name”. Applications that are incomplete or do not meet these requirements will not be considered.

For more information, visit GRID-Arendal.