Charity Entrepreneurship Incubation Programs 2022/2023 (fully-funded and up to $175,000 in grants)

Charity Entrepreneurship Incubation Programs 2022/2023 (fully-funded and up to $175,000 in grants)

Deadline: January 16, 2022

Charity Entrepreneurship has opened applications for two Incubation Programs (late June to late August 2022 and early February to late March 2023). Charity Entrepreneurship’s Incubation Program can help you start a high-impact NGO. It’s a full-time, cost-covered, intensive training designed by founders for founders. In the last few years CE facilitated the launch of 18 new charities. Several are on track to becoming field leaders in their respective cause areas.

CE provides well-researched charity ideas, a 2-month, full-time, cost-covered, in-depth training program (online), cash stipends to cover living expenses, considerable funding (of up to $175,000) to bring the projects to life, and a wide range of ongoing support.  

What they need are the aspiring founders — the people to take the high-impact charity ideas and make them a reality. They are not necessarily looking for experience, rather, for potential. 

Program Details

The training is divided into two stages:

  • Month 1 is all about matching with a co-founder and a charity idea. You will spend most of your time working with project partners on practical challenges. Explore different working styles and test compatibility, values, and epistemics. Deeply engage in a variety of real-world tasks and charity ideas.
  • Month 2 is about working with your new partner to build your charity: early pilots, monitoring and evaluation strategy, and even your brand. Together, you will craft and submit a real proposal for funding and get ready to launch. We don’t just teach you about starting a charity, we make sure you have the tools and confidence to actually do it.


  • All costs are covered. This includes travel, accommodation (when in person), tuition, materials, and a modest living stipend (i.e., cash to cover living costs) if you need it. We provide stipends for those who need financial assistance because the program requires a full-time commitment for two months.
    • If you have higher expenses due to special circumstances, you may qualify for additional financial assistance. Please apply as usual, and if you are accepted into the next round, we will discuss any special arrangements that might be necessary.
  • Stipends are provided to those in need, and transportation costs are covered for those who can travel for the one week in person retreat in London (2022) or another location (2023) to connect face to face with your instructors and fellow participants.
  • Their Board of Directors and network of funders evaluate the teams and their project proposals. Then, they award seed funding to launch successful projects, with grants ranging from $50,000 to $175,000. In 2021, new CE charities received seed funding of over $500,000 in total.
  • After launching, you will continue to receive ongoing operational support, one-on-one mentorship, and access to a powerful worldwide network of experts, funders, and skilled employees. They continue to evaluate your measurable impact over time, coaching you and championing your success.


  • Open to candidates of all ages from a wide range of backgrounds.
  • They are looking people who are open-minded, excited to learn, driven, and passionate. 
  • If founding a charity feels like an exciting opportunity to you, you are encouraged to apply! Even if you aren’t a perfect fit for the program, you’ll be one step closer to finding your true career path.


  • ~50% of their most successful founders from previous years didn’t even think they should apply. Don’t doubt your potential.
  • Nobody comes onto the program qualified to start a charity. That’s what the course is for!
  • The base traits that make a good charity entrepreneur include grit, intelligence, resourcefulness, a focus on outcomes, and commitment to making a real difference.
  • For most people, the highest-impact time to start a charity is right now.


This application round, you can apply to participate in one of the two online programs:

  • Summer 2022 (late June – late August 2022, with one week in person in London).
  • Winter 2023 (early February – late March 2023, with one week in person – location TBA).

Click here to apply.

For more information, visit Charity Entrepreneurship.