Thought for Food (TFF) Challenge 2022 for Innovators worldwide ($30,000+ cash grant)

Thought for Food (TFF) Challenge 2022 for Innovators worldwide ($30,000+ cash grant)

Deadline: June 3, 2022

Applications for the Thought for Food (TFF) Challenge 2022 are now open. Join the world’s largest and most diverse agri-food-tech innovation challenge with your solution to address the prevailing question: How do we feed 10 billion people on a hotter planet?

As the world’s largest, most-diverse, and impact-focused food and agriculture innovation challenge, the annual TFF Challenge calls on next-generation innovators and entrepreneurs in every region of the world to submit creative solutions to the prevailing question: “How do we feed 10 billion people on a hotter planet?”

Over the TFF Challenge period, participants have access to curated, on-demand digital content, weekly entrepreneurship, and topic-related live sessions that feature industry leaders and successful agrifood tech startups, as well 24/7 support.


  • $30,000+ USD in combined cash grants from TFF and partners;
  • Invitation to the TFF Academy, a personalized 16-week acceleration program that offers hands-on mentoring, pitch training, industry introductions, and storytelling;
  • Pitch to investors and industry leaders at the global TFF Summit;
  • Additional perks and opportunities offered by TFF’s broad network of partners, including licenses to software, datasets, and training sessions;
  • Life-changing connections to TFF’s global community of movers and shakers.

Additional Topical prizes

  • Web3 in Food & Agriculture (sponsored by Cargill)
  • The Business Case for Regeneration (sponsored by Danone)
  • Nutrition in Africa – Focus on Feed (sponsored by DSM)
  • Sustainable Farming Inputs (sponsored by Hello Nature)
  • Food Security & Resilience (sponsored by World Food Forum)
  • And others to be announced soon!


  • Open to anyone, in every part of the world that has the mindset and the drive to create change.
  • Open to all kinds of solutions – beyond and inclusive of the listed topical prizes.

What Next?

Late June, 10 Teams will be selected as Global Finalists, and have the chance to take part in the TFF Academy, a four-month startup acceleration program that TFF has built to address the specific requirements for success in the food and agricultural sector.

TFF Academy focuses on business model development, pitching, storytelling, team building, systems thinking and how to make a positive impact on people and the planet. This culminates with the chance to attend the TFF Summit in Brookly, NY, USA on September 30 and pitch to investors, multinational companies and other potential partners at the virtual pitch event in November, attended by TFF’s global Community.


The TFF Challenge launches on April 22, Earth Day, and final pitch submissions are due on June 3, 2022. Download the participant toolkit here.

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For more information, visit TFF Challenge.