AH Research Workshop on Data Visualization in R: How to do it like a genius!

AH Research Workshop on Data Visualization in R: How to do it like a genius!

Deadline: March 5, 2021

Calling all research students, academics and business professionals! Applications are now open for the Academic Hive Research Bootcamp taking place online on June 26, 2022. Good visualization tells a story, removes the noise from data and highlights useful information for research and decision making. Let’s walk you through the steps so you can do it like a genius.

This 1-day course is for researchers and business professionals who want to easily create and present powerful interactive data visualization. You will learn:

  • Basics of R (Installation, Data Importation and Cleaning)
  • How to create appealing, interactive and customizable graphs and plots
  • How to access and work with large databases
  • How to interpret data for decision making and business insights


By joining this workshop, you will gain:

  • Access to valuable R resources and work with global datasets
  • Hands-on data visualization training (Live and on GitHub)
  • Internationally-recognized Certificate of Participation
  • Access to professional support from Prof. Jenine Harris and Academic Hive
  • Access to grant opportunities for researchers


This workshop is for:

  • Higher education/research students interested in putting up a unique dissertation
  • Industry professionals seeking to make better decisions with data
  • Early-career researchers in any location
  • Research supervisors willing to learn modern research techniques
  • Anyone seeking to do quantitative, qualitative or mixed-method research
  • Anyone interested in fact-based (data-driven) decision-making
  • Anyone interested in grant-writing and winning
  • Scholars interested in getting published in high-impact factor journals


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For more information, visit Academic Hive.