2014 European Social Innovation Competition – €30,000 for the Best Proposals

Deadline: December 11, 2013

The European Commission has launched the second edition of the Competition to meet the Job Challenge and invites Europeans to come up with new solutions to reduce unemployment and minimize its effects on the economy and the society both now and in the future. The aim of the European Social Innovation Competition is to find the best solutions to help people move towards work or create new types of work.

Do you have an idea to fight high unemployment? Do you think you could improve the working conditions of people stuck in low-paid jobs – whether because of their gender, age, social status or handicap? Do you know how to enhance opportunities for the 27 million Europeans currently out of work? Then the second European Social Innovation Competition is for you!

This year, the Competition includes a strong mentoring component and eventually the 3 best proposals will each be awarded a prize of €30,000 in May 2014.  The European Commission is offering this prize to social innovations that have a real impact on helping unemployed people get jobs or creating new opportunities for work


  • The Competition is open to everyone legally established or resident in the EU Member States – or in those countries that established an agreement to participate in the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (see list) – including individuals, organisations or unconstituted groups.
  • Ideas from all sources and sectors and all types of organisations are welcome – including for-profit, non-for-profit, or private companies.
  • Read the Terms and Conditions pdf - 336 KB [336 KB] carefully before applying.

Judging Criteria

Successful entries will be the ones that best meet the 3 criteria below:

  • degree of innovation
  • potential impact
  • potential for sustainability and scale

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