Government of UAE International IRENA Scholarship to Study in Abu Dhabi 2015-17

Government of UAE International IRENA Scholarship to Study in Abu Dhabi 2015-17

Deadline: September 15, 2015

Applications for the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) Scholarship Programme 2015-2017 are now open. As part of the programme, up to 20 highly-accomplished applicants are annually awarded an IRENA scholarship at the Abu Dhabi based Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (MI), with the generous support of the Government of the United Arab Emirates.

The IRENA scholarship programme offers various opportunities in addition to the Masdar Institute Scholarship. These include

  • exclusive high-level lectures, aimed at presenting the latest developments in the field of renewable energies.
  • IRENA sponsored short term assignments to scholars on a case by case basis;
  • opportunities for participation in IRENA events; internships;
  • opportunity to network.


Master’s Programs

  • MSc in Chemical Engineering
  • MSc in Computing and Information Science
  • MSc in Electrical Power Engineering
  • MSc in Engineering Systems and Management
  • MSc in Materials Science and Engineering
  • MSc in Mechanical Engineering
  • MSc in Microsystems Engineering
  • MSc in Sustainable Critical Infrastructure
  • MSc in Water and Environmental Engineering


The applicant criteria for Masdar Institute requires

  • an undergraduate degree from a college, university or technical college of acceptable standing in the field of science, engineering or information technology;
  • minimum CGPA of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0;
  • competence in spoken and written English verified through a minimum TOEFL score of 91 (IBT) on the international TOEFL or a minimum academic IELTS score of 6.5; and
  • a minimum GRE quantitative score of 700 (or 155 on the new scale).

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Selection Criteria

  • Interest in renewable energy technologies and their applications. Interest in International Development Projects in particular specific IRENA projects
  • Strong motivation and clear approach for development of knowledge, skills and experiences in a specific focus area  and Preference to focus areas which are mutually relevant to IRENA and Masdar
  • Academic accomplishments in terms of prior education, achievements, certifications, GRE and TOEFL scores.
  • Diversity of background is preferred and Relevant work experience to match interests in specific focus areas

All graduate and foundation year students enrolled at the Masdar Institute can also apply to the IRENA scholarship programme through the online Masdar Institute application process or after arrival at Masdar Institute. Successful applicants gain access to the IRENA lecture programme, short term assignments with IRENA, the possibility of first-hand experience with IRENA through an internship and the opportunity to network.

How to Apply

Interested candidates aiming for foundation or graduate level education at the Masdar Institute can apply for the IRENA Scholarship Programme through two possible ways:

  1. Applications can be submitted through the online Masdar Institute application platform, by selecting the box for ‘IRENA scholarship’ in addition to the ‘Masdar Institute scholarship’ box. The candidates for IRENA scholarship shall be selected from the applicants who have been successfully admitted to Masdar Institute and have successfully met the criteria stated for IRENA scholarships.
  2. It is important to comply with the Masdar Institute selection criteria to be accepted for the Masdar Institute Graduate Programme and also for the IRENA scholarship.
  3. Once admitted to Masdar Institute, the students can also submit their IRENA application by the 15th of September annually to Joice Priya, Academic Programmes Supervisor, email: [email protected]. The applications should mention the student’s faculty at Masdar and include an up-to-date CV, together with a statement or letter of purpose.

For more information, visit IRENA Scholarship Programme.