Apply for the European Fashion Award FASH 2016

Apply for the European Fashion Award FASH 2016

Deadline: August 31, 2015

Applications are invited for the European Fashion Award 2016. There was no fashion industry in the early 1980s, yet each season a new, and often radical, fashion statement appeared on the scene. Today there is a lack of variety in the stores, despite an oversaturation of designers, concepts and brands on the market. Promising young designers seem to appear and die out like shooting stars. Has commerce choked creativity?

The European Fashion Award FASH 2016 with the subject “Change” is searching for visions of a new era. How can fashion react to all these changes? Should there be more adaptation, subversive strategies, or should we dream completely new dreams? Who will ride the wave of change and claim the future?

Evaluation Criteria

  • Quality of the analysis, autonomy of the concept.
  • Overall concept (analysis, strategy, understanding and realization of the topic, target group, interdisciplinary character).
  • Innovation/vision (e.g. combination of fashion and function).
  • Functionality (mobility, ergonomics, material selection).
  • Technical and design implementation (sketch quality, material selection, presentation, workmanship, fit, colour concept).

Cash prizes of 10,000 Euro in special categories.

  • Students
    • 1st Prize: 2,500 Euro
    • 2nd Prize: 1,500 Euro
    • 3rd Prize: 1,000 Euro
  • Graduates
    • 1st Prize: 2,500 Euro
    • 2nd Prize: 1,500 Euro
    • 3rd Prize: 1,000 Euro
  • Other prizes
    • Participation in the network of SDBI and in the mentoring program founded in 2014.
    • The jury reserves the right to present special mentions. These feature a cash prize of 500 Euro;
      Photo shoots with the renowned fashion photographer Franco P. Tettamanti. All winners may use these pictures for their websites;
    • A graphically sophisticated catalogue;\Professional media work, incl. an own microsite on


  • Open to talented design students of all disciplines, but especially from the fashion and textile design areas.
  • Participants all over the world are eligible to apply.
  • Students of full age, currently enrolled in their fourth semester or higher are entitled to participate.
  • At time of application you have to be registered at an european university or fashion school or you need to pass in a master thesis from 2015. Students from outside Europe may also participate. There are special regulations for such participants.
  • Groups containing students from the fourth semester and higher, may also include younger students.

Application Process

  • Complete the online application form.
  • Please use one entry form per entry (for groups per person).
  • Your personal participant number  will be sent via e-mail.

For more information, visit European Fashion Award FASH 2016.