UPU International Letter-Writing Competition 2017

UPU International Letter-Writing Competition 2017

Deadline: May 5, 2017

Submit entries for the Universal Postal Union’s International Letter-Writing Competition 2017. The UPU’s International Letter-Writing Competition aims to improve literacy through the art of letter-writing. Targeted at children and young people, the annual competition encourages participants to express their creativity and refine their language skills.

The UPU announces the theme for the new competition. Each member country then organizes a letter-writing competition on the theme in its territory as it sees fit but preferably with the help of its national education authorities. The national organizing body/bodies choose the best composition in accordance with the general rules of the competition. Each member country then sends the International Bureau its best national composition, with the supporting documents. Only one entry per member country is permitted.


  • The top winners will receive a special medal (gold for first prize, silver for second, and bronze for third) and a certificate, as well as other prizes to commemorate their win (such other prizes to be decided by the UPU);
  • The gold medalist may be offered a trip to the UPU headquarters in Berne, Switzerland, or an alternative prize to be decided at the sole discretion of the UPU;
  • Writers awarded a special mention will also recieve a certificate as well as other prizes (such other prizes to be decided by the UPU).


  • Open to participants up to the age of 15 years;
  • The UPU International Bureau does not accept compositions sent directly by schools, individuals or similar.

Application Process

Entry forms are available in English, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Each entry must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • A completed entry form;
  • The original letter in the following formats:
    • a good-quality scan, in colour, of the handwritten original (if available) in PDF format; and
    • as a Word document;
  • A translation of the composition in English and/or French, as a Word document; and
  • A good-quality photograph of the candidate:
    • in JPEG format (300 dpi minimum); or
    • as a print copy (please do not staple or glue the photo to any of the documents if sending by post).

Please complete the entry form and return it to [email protected] with the necessary documents attached. Alternatively, it can be posted to the International Letter-Writing Competition, Communication Programme, Universal Postal Union, P.O. Box 312, 3000 Berne 15, Switzerland.

For more information, visit UPU International Letter-Writing Competition 2017.