Women PeaceMakers Fellowship Program 2017/18 (Fully Funded)

Women PeaceMakers Fellowship Program 2017/18 (Fully Funded)

Deadline: May 31, 2017

The new Women PeaceMakers program will offer a unique fellowship for peacebuilders, focused on strengthening and improving peace efforts around the world. The 10-month fellowship will do this through building an engaged community of four peacebuilders from conflict-affected communities and four international peace partners looking to transform their ability to end cycles of violence. Over a 10-month fellowship, the cohort of eight will engage in an active learning community with in-person residencies and a virtual learning exchange to explore successes and challenges to their work ending cycles of violence. Using the program’s established methodologies of critical reflection and co-created learning, the cohort will design shared commitments for stronger, more effective collaboration on key issues.

The fellowship includes a seven-week residency in the fall, held at the Institute for Peace and Justice at the Kroc School at the University of San Diego. During this time each Woman PeaceMaker will work closely with a Peace Researcher, who will document her peacebuilding journey and the methods and strategies she uses in her work.


  • There is no cost to participate in the Women PeaceMakers Program. Selected peacemakers will receive a per diem to cover their living costs during the residency. This funding is to be used for meals and incidentals, and any local transportation needs apart from residency activities;
  • The program provides all funding related to securing a visa, travel and airfare to and from San Diego at the beginning and end of the residency, and lodging throughout the seven weeks;
  • The program encourages applicants to seek supplemental funding from other sources if needed, although the funding provided by the IPJ for those selected will be sufficient for the full seven weeks.


Applicants for the Women PeaceMakers fellowship must:

  • Have worked for 10+ years as a peacebuilder, human rights defender, or peacemaker, leading peace efforts designing and working directly with the security sector in her country of origin;
  • Be a founder or leader of an organization, network, or movement;
  • Demonstrates peacebuilding/peacemaking skills and attitudes;
  • Be in a position to participate in all activities during the 10-month fellowship and apply what is learned at the conclusion of the residency program;
  • Demonstrate local credibility and a strong social network within the country/community of practice;
  • Speak sufficient English to relate personal experiences. Written English is not necessary.

Application Process

Application must include the following:

  • The completed and signed 2017 application form
  • A written statement describing:
    • Why you are interested in participating in the 2017 Women PeaceMakers Program. (No more than 2 pages)
    • Your journey of becoming a peacemaker including:
      • Through your work, how do you engage with the security sector? (No more than 2 pages)
      • Do you work with international partners (INGOs, international donors, UN agencies, or others)?
  • A resume or curriculum vitae of your professional peacemaking activities and educational background.(No more than 3 pages)
  • Two letters of reference

Note: There are no formal educational or professional requirements for this program. It is helpful to the committee to know any of your formal or informal engagements in peacemaking professionally or educationally, to understand better the context of the conflict and your engagement in peacemaking.

Send completed application by email or post to:

Katie Zanoni
Program Officer for Women PeaceMakers

Email: [email protected]

Mailing Address:

Katie Zanoni
Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice
Kroc School of Peace Studies
University of San Diego
5998 Alcala Park
San Diego, CA 92110

If sending the full application via email, please scan and then email a completed and signed copy of the 2017 Application Form. Your application will not be considered “complete” or reviewed until all materials are received.

For more information, visit Women Peacemakers Program.