International VELUX Awards 2018 for Students of Architecture (Total Prize up to €30,000)

International VELUX Awards 2018 for Students of Architecture (Total Prize up to €30,000)

Deadline: April 1, 2018

Register now for the International VELUX Awards 2018. The International VELUX Award 2018 for Students of Architecture wants to encourage and challenge students of architecture to explore the theme of daylight – and to create a deeper understanding of this specific and ever-relevant source of energy, light and life.

“Light of Tomorrow” is the overall theme of the International VELUX Award. The award seeks to challenge the future of daylight in the built environment with an open-minded and experimental approach. Therefore, the award seeks to widen the boundaries of daylight in architecture, including aesthetics, functionality, sustainability, and the interaction between buildings and environment.

The award celebrates and promotes excellence in completed study works. These works can be made as works complying with the prize scope of rethinking the values of conscious daylighting design with focus on people’s health in living and working environments. The award encourages projects that celebrate the privilege of being a student; with curiosity and with the willingness to think “out of the box” – as well as consider the social, sociological and environmental dimension of light. The award wants to acknowledge not only the students but their teachers as well. Therefore, teachers of the projects are also awarded.


  • The award is an open ideas competition and it is organised globally in two phases: in the first phase, regional prizes will be awarded to projects from the UIA member regions: Western Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, the Americas, Asia+ Oceania and Africa. In the second phase, prizes will be awarded to overall winners.


  • The total prize money is up to €30,000;
  • Depending on the results of the international jury, a Grand Prize of €5,000 per category will be awarded (€4,000 to the student and €1,000 to the teacher) for the most outstanding projects;
  • Depending on the results for each region, a prize of €1,250 per category will be awarded for the best projects (€1,000 to the student and €250 to the teacher);
  • The jury will be allowed to award a number of special prizes, including prizes for innovative use of VELUX products.


  • The award is open to any registered student of architecture – individual or team – all over the world. They encourage multi-disciplinary teams including e.g. engineering, design and landscaping. Every student or student team must be backed and granted submission by a teacher from a school of architecture;
  • The award welcomes projects from individuals or groups of students, who are students during the study year 2017/18;
  • There is no limit to the number of entries from each school, but participating schools should ensure the quality of submitted study projects, e.g. by making a prejudgment;
  • VELUX employees cannot participate.

Selection Criteria

The jury will evaluate the projects in accordance with the following criteria:

  • The work with daylighting as a premise for architecture
  • How the project is researched and documented
  • How the project addresses contemporary and future challenges
  • The level of experimentation and innovation
  • The overall graphic presentation of the project, how the project presents itself.


  • Register here to submit your project. Your project can only be delivered digitally and only by the person who has registered;
  • To ensure anonymity, no names of entrants, teachers, schools or countries are allowed on any part of the submitted material. The registration and submission system of the International VELUX Award has been constructed to ensure anonymity of the participants throughout the process from registration to after the jury meeting.


  • September 2017: Registration opens
  • April 1, 2018: Registration closes; submission period opens
  • April 15, 2018: Deadline for questions
  • June 15, 2018: Submission deadline; project upload
  • June 2018: Jury meeting – evaluation of all submitted projects
  • October 2018: Winners announcement and online exhibition

For more information, visit International VELUX Awards.