Beyond Covid-19: Global Open Innovation Challenge 2020 by Prepr Network (Win cash and more prizes)

Beyond Covid-19: Global Open Innovation Challenge 2020 by Prepr Network (Win cash and more prizes)

Deadline: June 10, 2020

Entries are invited for Beyond Covid-19 Global Open Innovation Challenge 2020. This global open innovation challenge, is a Call To Action for all communities to collaborate and take action in order to create innovative solutions for the Covid-19 Challenge.

Team up with your colleagues, friends and family, or find a team virtually through the Prepr Network and use this time of social distancing to challenge yourself and help create the future you want to live in. Get creative with your team, solutions can be local or global, small business or industrial, preventative actions or treatment actions, creative or data-driven. This is a global crisis that is affecting every community around the globe, and it is going to take input and action from every community around the globe to solve it. Every solution is a building block to a better future for all.

Do you want to get involved in making positive change in your community and beyond? Join the Prepr Network and explore the four open challenges in the areas of Business, Prevention, Education and Community. Through this initiative, they are bringing together students, startups, employees, and citizens. Learn, get inspired, take action.


Global Recognition & Trophy by over 30 Organizations

  • First Place
  • Second Place
  • Third Place
  • Most Innovative
  • Best Design

Recognition will be awarded in each of the four Challenge areas

Cash & Prizes from Prepr Partner Network

  • $5,000 in AWS Credits for all Successfully Completed Projects
  • $25,000 in AWS Credits for Top projects per category (up to 20 awarded with $500,000 total value)
  • $2,000 Cash from Coast Capital & City of Brampton to cover business setup expenses
  • Up to 4 placements in FASKEN’s Startup Program ($2,000 per category for a total for $8,000 in total value)
  • Advisory & connection to most applicable investment/funding opportunities to help commercialize top projects by PyCap Ventures & Prepr
  • Individual & Team Learn Lab Kits (up to $499 per Project Team) by Prepr


  • Open to students, startups, employees, and citizens

Criteria for Project Pitch Submission

You will be required to follow the PIE framework as you develop and submit your project. Visit the resource section to learn more about each of the steps by watching a series of short videos. Use the following pitch prompts to get started:

  • Identify The Problem/Opportunity (Innovation)
  • Show the Solution (Innovation)
  • Demonstrate Solution-Market Fit (Entrepreneurship)
  • Chart Competitive Landscape (Entrepreneurship)
  • Key Metrics and Traction (Entrepreneurship)
  • Introduce The Team (Project Leadership)
  • Show Product Road Map (Project Leadership)
  • Additional Information (Optional)

Projects will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Alignment – Does the project address the challenge outlined above?
  • Potential for Impact – How will this project help move the world towards achieving the Zero Poverty Global Goal?
  • Feasibility – Can the proposed solution be implemented? Are there any critical barriers?
  • Innovative approach – How does the project differ from existing solutions?
  • Scalability – Can this solution be used to impact a large number of people?


Learn, get inspired, take action. Create an account to get started.

  1. Join the Prepr Network at
  2. Explore and join the four Open Challenge areas: Community, Prevention Business, and Education
  3. Explore projects, build a virtual team, and create a project to showcase your problem and solution which you will submit to the Beyond Covid-19 Challenge you selected
  4. Register for the daily webinar to gain knowledge, insights and more

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