Dr. Owainati Student Excellence Award 2020 for Students in the United Arab Emirates

Dr. Owainati Student Excellence Award 2020 for Students in the United Arab Emirates

Deadline: August 22, 2020

Applications for the Dr. Owainati Student Excellence Award 2020 are now open. The award specifically rewards a student from a recognized university in the United Arab Emirates who has conducted exceptional research work in a subject related to green buildings in the Middle East.

The Dr. Owainati Student Excellence Award is sponsored by EmiratesGBC Co-Founder Dr. Sadek Owainati. Since 2013, the Dr. Owainati Student Excellence Award has positioned EmiratesGBC as a strong supporter of academic research dedicated to sustainable building principles and practices in the UAE and the MENA region.

Paper Topic

The research addressed in the paper should be directly applicable to green building design, technology, construction, operations or related life cycle economics. It is important that the topic relates to green buildings as a component of sustainable developments; for example, already-existing buildings can be used as a case study or testing sample; and similarly the research can be a specifically designed software modeling applicable to new green building designs or retrofit.

However, and as a promotion of green building best practices throughout the building lifecycle the topic can be expanded to phases of design, construction, commissioning, retrofit and re-commissioning. Sustainability related topics, whether theoretical or practical, that do not have any connections to green buildings will not be considered eligible. Emphasis should be put on applicability of the research to the MENA region in order to capture the regional climatic, cultural and economic specificities. EmiratesGBC has the right to determine if the topic submitted does not comply with the Dr. Owainati Student Excellence Award’s eligibility and rules and thus to disqualify the application if needed.


  • Winners of the award are eligible for a cash prize and receive 1 year complementary student membership to EmiratesGBC. Winners and shortlisted applications will be announced at the MENA Green Building Awards.


  • Open to an academically accepted thesis and/or research paper submitted for a post-graduate degree or final year undergraduate university research project report or dissertation in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited university based in the UAE at the time the research was conducted;
  • Students must be studying engineering, architecture/design or science;
  • Post-graduate or undergraduate student (Bachelor, Master, PhD);
  • Topic focus is applicable to MENA geographical context;
  • Submission of research produced within the last 2 years, i.e. between 2018 and 2020 (included);
  • All supporting documents have been submitted;
  • Only one application per student will be allowed.


To apply, include the following listed documents with your application:

  • Academic paper with a strict limitation to 10-page maximum.
  • Standardized executive summary of the paper.
  • Supporting data / annex documents.
  • Cover letter (300 words maximum) to support the application.
  • Recommendation from one faculty staff who is familiar with the student’s work.

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For more information, visit Dr. Owainati Student Excellence Award.