UK-South Africa Tech Hub Ecosystem Building Programme 2020 for Tech Entrepreneurs

UK-South Africa Tech Hub Ecosystem Building Programme 2020 for Tech Entrepreneurs

Deadline: August 24, 2020

Applications for the UK-South Africa Tech Hub Ecosystem Building Programme 2020 are now open. The UK-South Africa Tech Hub is working with Endeavor South Africa to create a sustainable ecosystem in
the Health Tech space.

This programme will enable tech entrepreneurs, with solutions in the healthcare sector, to gain access to thought leaders, decision makers and influencers in this space. They will be bringing all aspects of the healthcare sector together, from government, healthcare corporates, start-ups and academics to ensure a full rounded programme. Working with these experts in small groups will enable these entrepreneurs to fine tune their offerings, potentially exposing them to commercial opportunities and give them the opportunity to network with key players in this industry.

There will be a series of masterclasses, panels and working groups where industry experts will give practical advice on how to improve your business and get you ready for the next level of growth. These events will also bring the Health Tech Ecosystem closer together with many hosts and panelists being from the Healthcare industry. Topics that will be discussed are marketing, remote sales, digital security, leadership, optimising your strategy, pitching your business and many more. There will be a total of 18 interactive engagements over the course of the programme with an average of 3 per month. The programme will run from September until March while taking a break through December.


  • There is no cost to you or your company if selected, this is a programme that is aimed at building the Ecosystem that you operate in.


If you and your company meet the following criteria then you are able to apply:

  • Founder led;
  • Solution in the Health Tech Industry;
  • Company is post revenue;
  • There is more than 1 person in the team;
  • The solution addresses the Covid-19 impact on the Ecosystem;
  • South African based.


To submit your application email [email protected] along with:

  • Your full name, email address, gender and phone number.
  • Your job title, the city where you are based, your companies name and company website address.
  • A motivation on why you should be chosen for the programme (Maximum 500 words).

For more information, visit UK-South Africa Tech Hub.