Why is now the perfect time to pursue Power BI training?

Why is now the perfect time to pursue Power BI training?

The Microsoft Power BI is a comprehensive tool for data analysis. It enables you to create a visual representation of analyzed data that can be interpreted and used easily. It can convert your data into visuals that can be used professionally and are easily understandable. Getting the Power BI training will help you become an expert in the tool and help your company. Here is why now is the perfect time to pursue Power BI training:

  1. It increases the productivity of your company

Business intelligence is a tool that can put all the data of the company together regardless of the department. Through this collection system, all the information is gathered in one location and modelled for creating a decision-support tool. Here are the four stages involved in this:

  • Gathering information – This centralizes the results of all databases.
  • Integration – This brings structure and consistency to the data aggregate.
  • Reporting – This provides a view that is easily understandable to people who have access to the information.
  • The return – This schematizes the information so that it is easy to share and understand.

If you are using Power BI, all these four stages will become automatic and seamless. You won’t have to enter or access data after the app has been enabled. The tool takes care of collecting the data and taking it where it needs to go. In order to make decision-making easier, Power BI processes the data in a way that is reliable, meaningful, and understandable. Power BI is capable of managing all the different facets of a company including human resources, logistics, financial transactions, customer relations, market analysis, sales, manufacturing processes, etc. All the data from all the departments can be viewers in an understandable, visual, and interactive format.

  • It is user friendly

Another benefit of Power BI is the simplicity it offers. Whether you are an analyst, or a manager, accessing details takes only a few clicks. All the users can customize the results’ analysis to their needs and features associated with their roles. There is no need of conducting any raw data segmentation as the tool does that for you. Having a customized dashboard will allow you to see the data in the way they need. Once you have installed Power BI, it will become a collaborative tool enabling the teams to work independently. It promotes the exchange of information between different users and departments because of its analytical capabilities. Team members working on different floors can work on the same report simultaneously. Power BI can be used at all times and is available for all platforms. You will be able to act more independently as you can access data and information easily which facilitates collaboration.

  • Get the best of the BI tool through other applications

When you are using Power BI, you will have the benefit to work with other applications that can improve data access. Power BI can be used for several applications. It enables the processing of data that is within the BI software as well as the data from other sources using complementary applications of Power BI. Here are a few examples of such applications:

  • Excel
  • Azure
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security
  • Office 365
  • It can be accessed from any location

It is possible to access Power BI from any place and is an excellent option for businesses that have teams with many locations. This way, an engineer can access data while they are on the road, an analyst can consult on the dashboard from their computer, and a manager can check the graphical representations from their tablet. With the power BI platform, it will be easier for teams in different locations to collaborate. They will be able to simultaneously work on any file. The ease of use and simplicity that Power BI offers is a major benefit as it saves time.

  • It has a thriving community

If you face any issues while using Power BI, there is an active community of users who can help you. First thing, Microsoft support will help you with any query you have about the Power BI tool. Also, there are a lot of tools available online where you can ask questions about the platform. The Microsoft portal has democratized Power BI and resulted in the creation of a group of people from all around the globe. This is a community of dedicated users who exchange tips on using the platform, propose new ideas about using the tool, or assist with the challenges you might face on a forum. It is a place for productive and enriching discussions. Once you become a member of this group, you will become a part of the Microsoft family.

  • Job opportunities

Currently, there are more than 30000 Power Bi Jobs On Naukri.com and more than 4000 on LinkedIn for various roles. The roles include Power BI developer, Power BI Developer, Power BI, POWER BI, Power BI Admin & Architect, and Power BI Expert. Some of the companies hiring for Power Bi include EY, Mindtree, CSG, PTW, and Infosys etc. The requirements vary from determining key performance indicators (KPIs) to developing dashboards and interactive visual reports using Power BI and recognising business requirements in the BI context.

  • High salary

A Power BI Developer in India with no experience can expect around ₹3,00,000 per year and an experienced Power BI Developer in India can expect around ₹12,00,000 per year.

  • Work from home jobs

Many companies are not hiring for remote roles due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Several leading companies are also looking for remote Power BI Developers including Dell, Hike, Eaton, Tata Consultancy Services and EXL etc. 

Using Power BI can benefit your company a lot. By pursuing Power BI training, you can make yourself an asset to the company. The training will help you get familiar with the platform and learn how you can use it to benefit your organization.

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