Princeton University START Entrepreneurs Program 2022 (Fully-funded)

Princeton University START Entrepreneurs Program 2022 (Fully-funded)

Deadline: January 2, 2022

Applications are open for the Princeton University START Entrepreneurs Program 2022. The START Entrepreneurs program is an integrated program that is part academic fellowship and part startup accelerator. The goal of the program is to help aspiring commercial and social entrepreneurs translate academic scholarship into highly impactful new ventures.

In the Research phase, START Entrepreneurs spend 12 months on campus working with a Princeton University PI engaged in translational research leading to new or enhanced innovations that can be applied in a for-profit or not-for-profit startup. During this time, START Entrepreneurs receive training in entrepreneurship along with tailored mentorship.  

In the Accelerator phase, START Entrepreneurs spend 18 months off campus at the Princeton Innovation Center BioLabs where they work full time on their new startup or non-profit organization. Educational programming and mentorship will be ongoing during this phase as well.


  • The program is fully funded, and includes both salary and benefits for the Entrepreneur as well as a stipend during the Research phase. All startups that are approved to participate in the Accelerator phase also receive a substantial additional investment over the course of the Accelerator phase.


  • Applicant must have earned an advanced degree from any university by the start date of their appointment (no later than September 1, 2022). 
  • Have the ability to work in the US. US citizens, US permanent residents (green card holders) and non-immigrants with unrestricted employment authorization (visa holders) are eligible to apply. 
  • Strong preference for applicants with PhDs.

Research Proposal Requirements

  • The purpose of this program is to enable entrepreneurs to translate academic research into highly impactful new ventures.
  • All proposals must be based upon ideas that have a high probability of leading to a scalable and impactful spin-out.
  • The proposed research must be strongly aligned with the sponsoring Princeton faculty member.
  • You must be committed to becoming a full-time entrepreneur. This program does not allow for other, concurrent, work activities.

Sponsoring Faculty Requirements

  • All faculty nominations must be accompanied by a signed START Faculty Agreement.
  • If your sponsoring faculty member/PI is a Lecturer, their contract with Princeton must extend at least the first 18 months of your appointment.

Other Requirements

  • This program is designed to foster diversity, equity and inclusion, including to support and empower historically-underrepresented entrepreneurs. All applicants must explain how their candidacy will contribute to this goal.


Part 1

  • 1-page research proposal (up to 500 words);
  • 1-page startup or non-profit proposal (up to 500 words);
  • 1-page personal statement describing your motivation for being an entrepreneur and why you want to pursue this particular idea (up to 500 words);
  • Statement explaining how applicant will support and empower historically underrepresented entrepreneurs (up to 200 words); 
  • Curriculum vitae;
  • A Faculty Agreement signed by the Princeton faculty member who will be your PI. You may obtain this agreement by emailing Lauren Bender at [email protected];
  • At least 2 letters of support (not including your sponsoring Princeton faculty member)
  • Ability to work. Are you a US citizen or green card holder? Y/N. If N, do you have the right to work in the US? Please explain.

Part 2

  • Finalists will be invited to deliver a startup pitch to a panel of reviewers. Details for the pitch will be shared with you when you are notified that you are a finalist.

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