Apply for the 2014 Aspire Academy & High School in Romania

Apply for the 2014 Aspire Academy & High School in Romania

Deadline: April 30, 2014

Qualified and interested applicants are invited to apply for the Aspire Academy, Aspire High School or the Aspire Professional Workshop/Alumni Weekend.

Aspire Academy is Aspire Romania’s flagship program aimed at students pursuing their undergraduate or masters degree. Aspire Romania has the mission of discovering, developing and connecting outstanding young leaders from Central and Eastern Europe and beyond. Aspire Academy will take place between 4-11 July, at Hotel Sport, in Poiana Brasov, Romania.

Aspire High School is a Aspire Romania’s program dedicated to high school students, for people who are not afraid to constantly challenge themselves for the sake of bettering the world around them! In 2014, Aspire High School will take place between 3-7 July, at Hotel Sport, in Poiana Brasov, Romania.

Aspire Professional Workshop/Aspire Alumni Weekend: 5 – 6 July, 2014. The workshop will be designed as an immersion experience in which participants live together with each other, form bonds and interact with the faculty, organizers, senior board and the Aspire community at large. APW will be held in the same venue as the other programs and will share the classroom with the Aspire Alumni weekend program.


  • offer full and partial scholarships to all those who need the support!


  • Aspire Academy and Aspire High School will incur a fee of EUR 290 and the Aspire Professional Workshop will incur a fee of EUR 100.


  • For Aspire Academy,they are accepting 50 undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled in higher education, although please note that postgraduates will occupy fewer places on the program and must be at most 25 years old.
  • For Aspire High School, they will be selecting 50 students as well, enrolled in secondary education at either a public or a private institution.
  • The Aspire Professional Workshop targets young professionals (aged 23-30) from companies and organizations in Romania and abroad. The Aspire Alumni Weekend will gather Aspire Alumni from all generations.

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