ALU Study Abroad Program 2016 (Leadership Program + Internship Included)

ALU Study Abroad Program 2016 (Leadership Program + Internship Included)

Deadline: June 15,2016

ALU is excited to announce the launch of its Study Abroad Programme for passionate students worldwide who want to experience a fresh approach to tertiary education on the breathtaking island of Mauritius.

ALU’s Study Abroad timeline ranges from one semester to a full year. During that period, students will actively interact with an exceptional and diverse community representing students, faculty and staff from over 30 countries who speak a plethora of languages.



ALU’s Study Abroad enrolls students who demonstrate a passion for leadership, grit, and determination to succeed in their chosen careers.


  • Entrepreneurial Leadership Venture
    As an essential element of ALU’s Core Skills, ‘Leading Self,’ will be emphasised by students’ self selection of courses from the ALU Core. Students in the Study Abroad Programme will be required to take the Entrepreneurial Leadership and Projects courses, but can add to that a combination of the other two courses (Data & Decisions and Communicating for Impact), a self-designed Independent Study, a student-led Corporate or Social venture, or even a cultural immersion programme to explore the island.
    ALU’s academic model emphasises the development of real-world skills including critical thinking, working with and leading others, personal reflection, communication skills, analysing data and making crucial decisions.
  • Intern or Volunteer in an African City
    The programme includes an optional internship or volunteer experience with one of ALU’s employer partners. Our employer partners work in several areas including manufacturing, banking, consulting, grantmaking and nonprofit project management. This enables students to directly apply the knowledge they’ve acquired in the classroom.The skills gained from this internship are extremely valuable for young leaders with dreams of starting their own ventures or working in the public sector. The programme will also increase students’ marketability for the working world.This gives students the opportunity to interact with locals and contribute positively to ALU’s surrounding community.

Cost of Attendance

The ALU Study Abroad Programme is structured to allow you to decide how much time you would like to dedicate to your experience and how much you want to get out of it.

Timeline Tuition
Option A
3 Trimesters
September – December
January – April
May – August
$20,000 + Internship
Option B
2 Trimesters
September – December
January – April
$17,000 + No Internship
Option C
1 Trimester
September – December $8,500 + No Internship

ALC is a fully residential campus and all students are expected to live on campus for the duration of their programme. An additional $5,000 per year is recommended for incidental costs which will vary widely based on the student in question’s preferences. Estimated incidental costs are outlined below (excludes pocket money and basic monthly expenses):

  • Food: $2,400 (this covers 3 meals per day including snacks by ALU’s service provider)
  • Flights: $2,000 (the cost will vary depending on the country of origin)
  • Basic medical insurance: $420 (students may use insurance from home country but proof of cover in Mauritius must be provided)
  • Medical checks for permit application (once off): $100

ALU Students

How to Apply

  • Interested applicants can fill in the Expression of Interest Form on the right side of the page for updates on the application and enrollment process.
  • Online Application: Applicants provide personal and academic details as well as share their goals and aspirations through an essay. Students will also demonstrate proof of academic duress by submitting educational reports.

For more information, visit Study Abroad at ALU or e-mail inquries to [email protected]